fredag 19. mars 2010

Corazon! Clube Da Esquina in my heart and soul

Lately, I have been listening to the fabolous Clube Da Esquina records 1 & 2, respectively from 1972 and 1978. The fantastic singer, artist and songwriter Milton Nascimento with friends such as Lô Borges, Chico Barque and more, have with these recordings created nothing less than masterpieces!

Mixing the earthy, heartwarm and vibrant music of Brazil with Beatlesque songwriting and the most celestial elements from the European prog-scene, Clube Da Esquina makes a rare and precious collection of songs and perfomances.

The music makes me feel like I am soaring to distant galaxies while at the same time being firmly rooted in earth. It´s a walk doen to the jungle and a flight into the clear, starlit night sky. Food from the earth and drink from the Milky Way. Enjoy!