onsdag 28. oktober 2009

At The Honeymoon Motel

Ah, what lovely sounds! The best rock band from Norway forever and ever is the fantabulous Electropussy. Blending Prince-like sensuality, jangly guitar, a deep dreamy female voice, hardhitting batterie and evasive yet mesmerizing Rhodes-grooves this intergalactic band managed to create some of the best tracks in rock history during a time of slight musical despair. Despair, at least in their home town Molde. The phonogram At The Honeymoon Motel, embellished with lovely art by Trygve (glued right on the vinyl cardboard!), was released in 2000. I bought it at their release at Café Zarathustra, the only place in Molde that ever had a spark of London.

If you've never heard about this (now non-existent) band, there are some tracks out there for your pleasure, just click this link for a streaming site. You can hear the desert rocker "69 Bullets", an ingenious version of the Underworld track "Dirty Epic", or "Disconnect the telephonelines". The latter song is absolutely one of my favourite songs ever!
These days I am listening to it all the time, and it just keeps playing in my head after it´s finished. "Disconnect the Telephonelines" is one of those songs that you want to last longer. So you find yourself lifting the needle back in it´s groove again and again. You cannot disconnect Electropussy that easily.

If you are so lucky as to possess a vinyl copy of At The Honeymoon Motel, lay down side A, and just let The Electropussy Theme take you there!

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