onsdag 28. oktober 2009

Bump it

Little did I know when I first bought this record (which actually is just a very long EP), that it would be the soundtrack to the first meeting with my then yet to be wife!
The record I´m writing about, is the fantastic, superchilled, high strung on groove classic "World Wide Underground" by the soul macicien Erykah Badu. I once recieved the honour of having the O Mighty Creative Destinys Will to bestowed upon be in my younger years, for it lead me to a concert held by the aforementioned modern queen of magic groove. I remember the almighty Badu entering the stage with a giant turbanish clothing on her very head, and in her fingers a a thin cylinder of finely cut tobacco with it´s shape prolonged by a mouthpiece. Not very many young men in small Norwegian towns are given this oppurtunity. I thank you, Field of Mystery.
And then when moving to a slightly bigger (but still too small as to be reckoned as a large) town, I after a while purchased this heavenly EP. The second track is the fantasticorgasmic "Bump It", a seven-eightish minutes long trip into psychedelic grooveheaven. That´s the beat I was listening to back in the day, lying in the trunk of my good friend´s car. I found myself situated there since there was no other space available, after having filled up the car seats with a friend that we met in the street, together with her friend (now my wife), and other acquaintances. For we had invitied them home for bread in our modest lodgings, and had to offer a way of transport.
And what is there then left to do, but to spin the Bump It in the rain?
Push up the fader, bust the meter, shake the tweeters!

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